Dragon’s Reach

Tracking China’s Economic Power Play

Illustration by Brian Williamson | VOA

Dragon’s Reach

Tracking China’s Economic Power Play

China is investing more than $1 trillion in roads, bridges, railways, ports, and power plants in more than 70 countries — a bold strategy to steer global commerce its way and reclaim its Silk Road heritage. This project examines how the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ is transforming lives, reshaping landscapes and tilting the geopolitical balance.


South Asia

China plans to fund and install modern reception centers, drinking water and cold storage facilities at main entry points on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Middle East and North Africa


Shrugging off debt, Sudan woos China investment beyond oil

China seeks to boost strategic partnership between the two countries in the fields of agricultural and infrastructural investments.


Algeria turns to Chinese construction to fill housing demand

Construction companies moved to secure major construction contracts in Algeria, overtaking France as Algeria’s largest source of expertise and imports.

United Arab Emirates

Thousands of Chinese firms now populate Emirates

China seeks to integrate the UAE into China’s New Maritime Silk Road project to boost investment and create a new platform.